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Network Health Checks

We can't promise you won't catch a cold this winter.  We also can't promise you won't get the flu. 
What we can do is make sure your network is healthy for the upcoming year.
In 2013, FormIT are offering network health checks to alleviate you of headaches induced by network issues.
Below are 2 of our 12 Reasons to have a network audit:


1. Do you know what it looks like?

Do you know your network? Is your network clearly defined?
Do you have a detailed network inventory?
Do you have clear documentation to aid with network troubleshooting?
Or is all of this information owned by your local network guru?
2. What’s connected to it?
Do you know what devices are connected to your network?
Are these devices approved and do they meet the requirements of your security policy?

Not so sure?  We're happy to send you a further 10 Reasons to have a network audit upon your request.


We can't cure your colleague's cough, but we can make sure your network has a clean bill of health for 2013.

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