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With software estimated to be worth, on average, up to 25% of an organisation's IT budget, it is prudent to keep a close watch on how, where and what licences are bought and deployed. Contact Form for your software needs and we will benefit your organisation in three ways.

Firstly, we will ensure that you choose the right licensing solution for your organisation - one that meets your business needs, procurement requirements and is cost-effective.

Secondly, Form will endeavour to make sure that your organisation is using the software legally, eg. that you are software license compliant.

Finally, we are here to support your on-going licensing needs: when renewals are due or when upgrades and additional licenses are required.

The management of software assets remains the responsibility of the organisation using the software and with software manufacturers continually changing their licensing programmes, staying legal can become a time consuming and logistical nightmare.

Using unlicensed software, even if it's not knowingly, can leave an organisation liable to legal action that could result in large fines, or company executives being held individually liable for any copyright infringement.


The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) are organisations working in the UK on behalf of software developers and publishers to protect their intellectual property rights and interests as legislated in the copyright laws. FAST is unique in that it is the only association in the world that also represents end users, helping those who are actually responsible for managing software.

BSA and FAST will take legal action against any organisation found to be using software for which it does not have the necessary licenses. Organisations of any size are open to audit and there are systems in place that enable people to anonymously report employers or other organisations who they suspect are using illegal copies of software.

If you have any software licensing concerns, call us to ascertain the latest licensing programs and pricing.

As a testament to the strength of our software offering, Form holds distinguished accreditations with all the leading software vendors, as detailed here.

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